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Refuge Temple adheres to a TEAM concept. We feel that teams best produce the Kingdom Agenda. In the words of E. Stanley Ott, "There is no greater sense of passion than the one that grows when you undertake a mission on behalf of Jesus Christ and do it with others who are also loved and sent by Jesus Christ." With this concept, we intend to build a ministry of people laboring together to serve as lands over their teams but as facilitators to foster the vision of the house through the Spirit of the Lord and His love.


The Men of Refuge (M.O.R) Team is designed to build up praying men of God to take their God given place of leadership within the body of Christ.  The team's goal is to unify the brotherhood within RTCOF through prayer sessions, authentic fellowship and other planned activities that cater to men.

Team Leader:  


The Women's ministry serves to enrich the spiritual and social lives of the women of God through various In-Reach and Out-Reach activities.  This team is ordained to teach the ways of God, set higher standard of holy living, fellowship among the sisterhood and to be examples of God's chosen ladies.   

Team Leader:  First Lady Abby Jackson


The purpose of the Membership Team is to properly manage the membership of the church.  This team is also responsible for welcoming new members and scheduling new members' classes, as well as following up with every new member until they successfully complete new members' classes and are assigned to a Deacon.

Team Leader: Sis. Tina Dunlap


The Media Team is responsible for marketing and distributing reproductions of services from Refuge Temple. They make sermons, studies, special services and meetings available for purchase in the media booth located in the vestibule. The Media Team, in conjunction with the Visual Team, works to ensure that media packaging and product represents the Spirit of excellence.

Team Leader: Min. Bruce King


The Music Team leads corporate worship. This team serves as Levites giving music in song and on instruments. They have the critical assignment of producing honorable and holy music unto the Lord.

Team Leader: Bro David Hudson


SOZO is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, and delivered.” The Sozo Team is a resource for individuals who desire inner-healing. This ministry model is designed to help you discover how much God loves you and to see who God has called you to be.

Team Leader: Evangelist Tonya Cleveland-Epps


The Drama Team worships God through the arts. Through expressive ceremonial, festive and dance, they offer strategic movements to invoke the presence and power of God. 

Team Leader: Sis. Melanie Jones


This team is in charge of all efforts of outreach beyond the walls of the church.  They coordinate functions and spearhead activities that cater to the needs of the people in the community.  The Outreach Team focuses on projects, such as our Community Love Day, providing the entire church family an opportunity to reach out and to be a witness. 

TEAM LEADER: Sis. Pat Lundy


The Hospitality Team is a keeper of the gates.  They greet and welcome all who enter into the house of worship with love, initiating the "Refuge Experience."  This team is also essential in identifying and following-up with those who visit the church.

Team Leader: Sis Melissa Griggs


The jail ministry was created as an extension of Refuge Temple outreach efforts. They minister at the Genesee County jail once a month and are charged with bringing the Word of God and the Refuge Experience to the incarcerated. They meet with inmates and offer bible studies, prayer session and praise and worship services. 



The Usher Teams exists to serve the house during service times. This includes providing seating, assisting and meeting the needs of the attendees, keeping order in the sanctuary.  Currently, there are several usher teams to choose from with more to come in the near future.

TEAM LEADER: Bro. Kevin Blount


The youth team is a vital part of the Refuge Temple Church vision. The team is designed to equip our youth to not only survive the temptations of this world, but to thrive and lead a holy generation for young people.

TEAM LEADER:  Min. Bruce and Lynn King, Bro. Max and Davida Jackson


Upon completing new member class, members are assigned a Deacon. The Deacons are the stewards of the Family Care Plan. The plan consists of making monthly calls to pray and check on our members, to find out pertinent information for prayers requests, and or bring special circumstances to the attention of the Pastors.  They serve as direct assistants to the Pastors keeping them informed of the condition of the flock.  They are the first point of contact for the events of the members.  Members who have been assigned a Deacon should expect contact from their Deacon at least once a month.

TEAM LEADER: Deacon Henry Doan IV


The Health Team promotes health awareness to the family of Refuge through health fairs, workshops, brochures and other means of communications. Most members are certified to handle immediate life threatening issues such as resuscitation and blood pressure checks.  Theirs purpose is to boost and encourage healthy living and to serve as health support during times of worship.

TEAM LEADER:  Sis. Nina Harris


Refuge has adopted a culture of prayer and there is a need for prayer teams. Prayer teams are charged with specific assignments of prayer. Their responsibilities include entertaining the throne of God and receiving answers.  Some teams are short-lived or seasonal, while some teams are permanent fixtures in the endeavors of the church.  These teams are not to be confused with the corporate prayers responsibilities of each member. 

TEAM LEADER: Eld. Yvonne Galloway


The Dining Team provides meals in ministry.  They are responsible for operation a dining hall on a professional level.  They serve during funerals, special celebrations and most church dining functions and at the Pastor's request.  They maintain a kitchen that is equipped, meeting all food preparation requirements stipulated by government. 

TEAM LEADER:  Sis. Brenda Cardwell


The purpose of the Mothers Team is to provide a prayer covering for the house and a support system for young women and mothers.  This team assists with sacred services such as communion.  In accordance with scripture, these women are apt to teach lead by example on how to be godly women. 

TEAM LEADER:  Mother Barbara Morris

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