What is Lent?

40 days beginning Ash Wednesday and concluding Easter Sunday

A Time of Observance and Preparation to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus

Marked by Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Fast Instructions:


Choose an area of sacrifice to fast from.  You may to fast from a meal (e.g. breakfast), sugar/sweets, or coffee/pop.  Perhaps a more productive fast might be from social media or texting, a TV show, or playing a video game.  Others may choose to fast from shopping or pampering or other luxuries. You are free to choose this area of your fast.

Every Friday:

In addition to your chosen area of fasting, we will all fast from meats on Friday.  You are allowed Fish.


Free Day

Prayer: Mon thru Sat 8pm on our call line

605-562-0400 |pin 772-5496

Bible Readings: Read with us everyday.  You can find todays scripture on our Lent Bible Readings link.

Almsgiving: Be a blessing. Give to someone in need - especially to someone who may not be able to give back. Perhaps buy someone's coffee or lunch, pay for someone's gas.


The family of Refuge is committed to sharing the love of God by Preaching the Way, Teaching the Truth, and worshipping the Life of Jesus Christ- thus making disciples of all mankind without bias.




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