The purpose of the Membership Team is to properly manage the membership of the church.  This team is also responsible for welcoming new members and scheduling new members' classes, as well as following up with every new member until they successfully complete new members' classes and are assigned to a Deacon.
Team Leader: 

The CIM Team functions as a major helps ministry of the church.  The team assists in areas where additional help is needed.  A significant responsibility of the CIM Team is to visit the sick and shut-in, to remember the widows and the elderly in their affliction.  This team serves as the umbrella for other teams such as the Baptismal Team.
Team Leader: Mother Barbara Morris

The Hospitality Team is a keeper of the gates.  They greet and welcome all who enter into the house of worship with love, initiating the "Refuge Experience."  This team is also essential in identifying and following-up with those who visit the church.
Team Leader: Sis Melissa Griggs

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An Inside Look at Refuge

Refuge Temple adheres to a TEAM concept. We feel that teams best produce the Kingdom Agenda. In the words of E. Stanley Ott, "There is no greater sense of passion than the one that grows when you undertake a mission on behalf of Jesus Christ and do it with others who are also loved and sent by Jesus Christ." With this concept, we intend to build a ministry of people laboring together to serve as lands over their teams but as facilitators to foster the vision of the house through the Spirit of the Lord and His love.
The Men of Refuge (M.O.R) Team is designed to build up praying men of God to take their God given place of leadership within the body of Christ.  The team's goal is to unify the brotherhood within RTCOF through prayer sessions, authentic fellowship and other planned activities that cater to men.
Team Leader:  

The Women's ministry serves to enrich the spiritual and social lives of the women of God through various In-Reach and Out-Reach activities.  This team is ordained to teach the ways of God, set higher standard of holy living, fellowship among the sisterhood and to be examples of God's chosen ladies.   
Team Leader:  First Lady Abby Jackson 


The Media Team is responsible for marketing and distributing reproductions of services from Refuge Temple. They make sermons, studies, special services and meetings available for purchase in the media booth located in the vestibule. The Media Team, in conjunction with the Visual Team, works to ensure that media packaging and product represents the Spirit of excellence.
Team Leader:Bro Samuel Berry

The Music Team leads corporate worship. This team serves as Levites giving music in song and on instruments. They have the critical assignment of producing honorable and holy music unto the Lord.
Team Leader: Bro David Hudson

SOZO is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, and delivered.” The Sozo Team is a resource for individuals who desire inner-healing. This ministry model is designed to help you discover how much God loves you and to see who God has called you to be.
Team Leader: Evangelist Tonya Cleveland-Epps
4400 W Carpenter Rd

Flint, MI 48504

Church of Flint